From my muddle | Desde mi Cochinero

April 1, 2018

I don’t remember when was the first time I started drawing, but something I do remember is the first time I attempted to have a sketchbook.


No recuerdo cuando fue la primera vez que comencé a dibujar, pero lo que si recuerdo es la primera vez que intenté tener un cuaderno de bocetos.


I was probably 6 years old when I wanted to become a comics creator, and well, Idid somehow. Maybe I didn’t reproduce any of them or I had one for sale, but Ikept them in my sketchbook. This way, I created my fisrt character called Rockythe duck.


Tendría como 6 años, en ese entonces quería convertirme en creadora de cómics y pues de alguna manera si lo logré... tal vez no saque copias ni los vendí, pero eso si, los dibuje en mi primera libreta de bocetos, creando así mi primer personaje llamado El Pato Roky.



He was a naughty boy. He liked to bother his sister and always played pranks onher. In fact there was one time when he filled his house sweaming pool withcement and his sister got really upset. His stories were really funny.


Another comic I created was a tribute to one of my favorite characters of Sanrio.His name was Keroppi and he used to tell the adventures he had in differentsituations. For instance, there was one time when he went to a nightclub with hisfriend and then Keroppi fell down on his belly in the middle of the stage. Everyonelaughted at him but among the crowd there was a girl who fell in loved with him.Quickly she went toward him but Keroppi got scared and thought she was crazy.



El era un niño muy travieso, le gustaba molestar a su hermana mayor, siempre le hacía travesuras, de hecho hubo una vez donde lleno la alberca de su casa con cemento y su hermana se enojo mucho, la verdad eran divertidas sus historias.